Dear customers,

We are opening our webshop on the 30th of March. We have updated our webshop with the items which are available. At this moment the supply chain has collapsed partially and we using all our resources to serve our customers. Many TRS and Haldirams products have stopped coming so we have alternative products. All customers will be contacted as usual to confirm if a brand is replaced with the same product but different brand. We are also introducing new rice brands and our webshop will be updated on a daily basis since we are receiving new products on a daily basis. Mantrafood also has a physical store, so we luckily have the luxury to offer different brands.

Shipments can be delayed since postal services are overloaded and have to take measures to work safely. Keep in mind that some orders can be delivered 4 days later. At the moment 85% of the orders are delivered the next day and 15% with delays.


Update 30-03-2020, 23:30. 

We have updated the product list. Orders placed on the 30th of March will be dispatched on 31st of March and 1st of April. 


1-04-2020, 0:20 

Stock updates. Order placed today will be dispatched on the 1st of April or 2nd of April. 


1-04-2020, 23:50

Stock updates, new stock is expected tomorrow, some Haldiram’s snacks items are now available in Thakar brand. 


Please have patience since Postal services are not running as usual. Keep 2 days shipping time in mind. We always send a confirmation once we parcel your basket. Normally this is followed by a track and trace provided by the postal service, unfortunately track and trace mails can take up to a day due to the delays at PostNL. 

products have been updated and still many more to be added in the coming weeks.