MDH Tava Fry Masala 100gm


MDH Tava Fry Bharwan Sabzi Masala: Spices blend for Stuffed, Fried Vegetables.

Recipe : A special blend of spices for cooking vegetable delicacies on a flat pan (Tava). Dress and slit lengthwise vegetables like Bitter Gourd, Okra (Lady finger) Egg plants, Lotus stems, Onions, Potatoes, etc. Stuff 1-2 grams of Tava Fry masala per piece. On tava heat 100gms. of cooking oil. Gently place vegetables, slit upwards and simmer on low flame. Turn occasionally till tender. Strain and serve with Roti. (Indian bread)


Coriander seed, iodized salt, dry mango, cumin, pomegranate seeds, red peppers, black salt, black pepper, kachri, clove, cassia, nutmeg, mustard, cardamomamomum, dried ginger, fenugreek leaves,

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