Organic sprouted fenugreek rice mix 100 gram


See why you should use the Native foodstore Fenugreek mix!

  • Fenu greek or venthaya is an commonly used dried spice ingredient in our kitchen like¬†curry dals, vegetable dishes, pickles and various spice mixes like sambar powder.


  • Fenugreek seeds, and especially their sprouts, are particularly good for women in many regards. For one, they are an exceptional sprout for maintaining healthy breast tissue, working to cleanse the lymph nodes and entire lymphatic system.


  • Women going through menopause are said to benefit from fenugreek, which can be helpful for balancing hormones, reducing hot flashes and other symptoms.


  • Beneficial for Diabetes and Heart Health


  • Digestive Aid, Mucous Dissolver and Anti-inflammatory


  • Our products are natural,no added preservatives and no added colors.

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