TRS White Chick Peas 2Kg


TRS/Natco White Chick Peas are authentic Indian dishes without meat. Compared with the brown chickpeas, the white chickpeas are slightly milder and cooked faster. Use the peas for the preparation of falafel or hummus and for dishes such as chana masala (crisp curry of chickpeas). The boiled white chickpeas of TRS are also excellent for preparing chana aloo (curry dish of potatoes and peas). You can also make fine chickpea flour from it and use it as a component of Indian desserts (besan halwa, besan bundi).

Eating chickpeas provides you with a vegetarian-friendly source of protein, with each cup of cooked garbanzo beans containing 15 grams. Your body breaks down this protein into amino acids, and then uses them to maintain the health of your body’s tissues. Chickpeas are a source of incomplete protein, which means they do not contain every amino acid you need for good health. Make sure you combine them with other sources of protein, such as nuts, whole grains, dairy, eggs or meat to prevent an amino acid deficiency.

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