TRS Red Lentils (Masoor Dal) 500gm


Lentils belong to Indian elementary foods and are rich in fiber and protein. Red lentils have a particularly nutty aroma and a somewhat milky consistency. Using TRS Red Lentils (Masoor Dal) you can prepare traditional Indian dishes (without soaking in advance). Masur dal (Indian lentil curry) and soups can be prepared with red lentils. The lentils have a short cooking time and absorb the taste of the other ingredients in an excellent way. Lentil flour is also used for pappadum in milled form.

Red lentils, also known as Masoor dal, are an extremely popular lentil in India. They are grown all over the country and consumed for their various health benefits. Red lentils are extremely good for your skin and can prevent issues like rapid ageing and acne. They can also be used to lighten the skin and get rid of tans.

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